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Arms Race 'New Wave of British Hardcore' LP


ARMS RACE - New Wave of British Hardcore LP

ARMS RACE unleash their debut album after a well-received 6-track demo in 2013 and a 6-track 7" EP in 2014 on Quality Control HQ and Painkiller. Arms Race arrived on the scene fully formed with their powerful and gnarly UK-meets-USA hardcore: their signature sound of a vocalist chewing on glass is backed by one of the most solid rhythm sections in HC these days, and the guitar work adds a metallic element making the whole sound gigantic while keeping the ugliness and aggression to the max. NWOBHC is a statement of no-frills hardcore that is not scared to reach out to different corners of the punk and metal world.

New Wave Of British Hardcore was recorded by James Atkinsin at Mutiny Studios and sounds bright and powerful. It comes housed in a sleeve designed by Andrew Fletcher with extra artwork by Nicky Rat who doubles as bass player. There is a download code, and a poster insert.

These are the copies on black.

Check Arms Race on tour with Violent Reaction

01.08.2016 Paris - Gambetta
02.08.2016 Nantes - La Rumeur
03.08.2016 Bordeaux - Void
04.08.2016 Barcelona - Ceferino Bar
05.08.2016 Grenoble - tba
06.08.2016 Basel - Freisitz
07.08.2016 Treviso - Disintegrate Your Ignorance Fest
08.08.2016 Padova - Marzolo Occupata
09.08.2016 Vienna ˆ Venster
10.08.2016 Zürich - Dynamo Werk 21
11.08.2016 Mannheim ˆ Juz
12.08.2016 IEPERFEST
13.08.2016 Osnabrück - AZ Substanz
14.08.2016 Leipzig - Connewitz
15.08.2016 Warsaw - Chmury
16.08.2016 Berlin - Tommy Weißbecker Haus
17.08.2016 Hamburg - Hafenklang
18.08.2016 Antwerp - Music City

To get the limited copies go see the band on tour in Europe 1-18th August or buy from La Vida Es Un Mus.

For North American customers go buy from Painkiller Records. They have limited edition copies as well.

Listen to the record: CLICK HERE

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