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Funebrarum / Phrenelith / Berserk 29th May @ Nambucca, London Ticket


Triple Metal threat featuring Funebrarum (USA), Phrenelith (DK) and Berserk (UK)!

Monday 29th May @ Nambucca, London, 7pm Doors

Tickets come with £1 booking fee to cover Paypal fees etc. The tickets will be £10 on the door. Buy here to ensure entry.

After you buy a ticket you will receive an email confirming your purchase. There is no need to print anything, just bring your ID (must be same name as on your order) to be let in. Simples.

FUNEBRARUM (USA) - Doomentia Records / Cyclone Empire Records FUNEBRARUM is a New Jersey-based death metal band formed in 1999 by vocalist, Daryl Kahan (Abazagorath, Citizens Arrest, Assuck) and guitarist, Nick Orlando (Evoken, Putrefact, Asmodeus). They play a heavy and dark variety of death metal driven by the early days of the late 80’s underground. Some of their early inspirations were bands like Autopsy, Bolt Thrower, Necrovore, Repulsion as well as brutal Swedish and Finnish bands like Nihilist, Demigod and Funebre etc.. After having a song or two written as a two-piece, Dario Derna (Abazagorath, ex-Infester) joined as the band’s drummer. With this line-up they recorded the band’s first demo entitled “Triumphant Ascent “. This tape was distributed to labels, friends around the world and received positive feedback. After the release of the demo Dario moved back to Seattle and was replaced by local area drummer Brian Jimenez. Bassist, David Wagner (Abazagorath) also joined the band at this tim. With a solid new line-up the band started performing live in the NJ/ NYC area with bands like Mortician, Mayhem, Exhumed, Nunslaughter, Malignancy etc.. In early 2000 the band entered the studio record their second demo “Tombs of Sleeping Darkness”. This recording came out much better than expected and was released as the band’s first album “Beneath The Columns of Abandoned Gods” on Necroharmonic Productions. The album was well received which urged the band to continue. In late 2002 Brian left the band to focus on his job. The band’s next release, “Dormant Hallucination” 7 “ep would come in 2003 featuring Daryl, Nick and Dave along with session drummer Justin De Tore (Innumerable Forms). During this time the band continued writing material for their forth-coming second album. Fast forward to 2005. drummer, Shawn Eldridge and second guitarist, Matt Medeiros join the ranks of Funebrarum. With this lineup the band entered the studio to record a split album with their friends from Sweden, Interment. Released on Conqueror of Thrones records, the “Conjuration of the Sepuchral” Split CD featured two new Funebrarum songs as well as two cover versions. This release received positive press worldwide. Concerts with Dead Infection and Nunslaughter were highlights during this time. 2007. The band enters the famous Don Fury Studios to record their second album “The Sleep of Morbid Dreams”. A seven-song album released on the German label, Cyclone Empire in 2009. After the release of the album Nick departed for his new home in North Carolina. The band was put on ice temporarily. Enter 2011 Daryl recruits guitarist, Alex Bouks (Goreaphobia, Incantation) on second guitar for a 2012 European tour with Danish death metal band, Undergang. A split ep with Undergang entitled “Dead of Winter” is recorded with this line-up. Released on Doomentia / Killtown Productions. The European tour with Undergang is a success overall. Highlights during this time are performances at Killtown Deathfest and Maryland Deathfest. 2015. The band begins writing material for a new album. Due to musical differences Matt and Alex leave the band. The fate of the band seemed imminent, as Dave and Shawn also were too busy to commit themselves due to work. Daryl decided a change was needed. 2016. Enter a new-line up and a new record! Guitarist, Sam Osbourne (Bone Sickness, Trepanation, Demoncy) joins on guitar along with guitarist, Yuri Kahan, bassist, Kyle Winslow (Mutant Supremacy) and drummer, Charlie Koryn (Ascended Dead, Necrosic). With this line-up the band entered Volume Five studios to record their latest release “Exhumation of the Ancient Dead” on Doomentia Records / Morbid Wrath. Followed by a performance at Netherlands Deathfest and a successful European tour with Interment (Sweden). Once again the band has a line-up of people dedicated to death metal and know how it should be played. A monstrous third album is in progress along with plans to tour Europe with Danish friends, Phrenelith in May / June 2017.


PHRENELITH (DK) - Dark Descent Records / Me Saco Un Ojo Records Phrenelith was formed sometime in the year 2014 and was rehearsal dwelling for most of the year, before recording their two track debut demo in over a time span of 3 months and then releasing it 3 months later through Extremely Rotten Productions in March 2015. Not long after the recruited their bassist and started playing gigs and a 2nd demo entitled “Veiled Verses” was recorded as a 4 piece and released later in 2015. The band has played several shows around Europe, included a two week European tour in June 2016 and in early 2017 the will do their American appearance, with a two week West Coast tour. The debut album “Desolate Endscape” was recorded in April 2016 and are to be released in the spring of 2017. Phrenelith plays a dark, filthy, low tuned, blackened, raw brand of death metal spiked with dual death grunts, not for anyone craving clarity or pleasant production values. Always with the memorable riffs in focus and drums varying from steamrolling slowness to meat grinding speed, PHRENELITH aims at making your ears and eyes bleed.


BERSERK (UK) - QCHQ Records Celtic Frost meets Sheer Terror done by young upstarts from Nottingham. Perfect combination of metal and hardcore punk.

Listen to their demo: CLICK HERE