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The Flex 'DO YA THINK I'M FLEXI?' Flexi

Image of The Flex 'DO YA THINK I'M FLEXI?' Flexi


Flexual Healing Volume 5 is here at last and is a red flexi! Well it had to happen eventually didn't it...

Two belters - The Cull & Macho Jock Hardcore, packaged with a sexy pic of the lads.

One of UKHC's Champions League outfits, recently smashing all over the States (second year in a row) with their super catchy take on raw, early 80s USHC. They have mastered mosh bridge sections and intros with riffers that give you the aural version of a sex swing experience. Ooh matron!

Check out the record on Bandcamp CLICK HERE

Check out The Flex at the recent Damaged City Fest, quite the party we say! CLICK HERE

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