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TRUE VISION Demo 2015 Cassette


*This is now into second press which has a green ink sleeve, but still a selection of gold glitter, red, blue and clear tapes.*

New UKHC Champions League outfit from Leeds, influenced by Side by Side and Youth of Today with a British twist. Razar 'Gourmet Drum Machine', take to the mic and has written some thoughtful lyrics ala Cappo in his heyday creating a breath of fresh air amongst a sea of cry babies and lack of insight. Members of Flex/VR/AR/Shrapnel/Obstruct/Unjust/Insist. This is the New Breed of Leeds Straight Edge.

The cassette will come on 4 different colours, randomly selected per order, and have screen printed sleeves using various ink colours. Art by Belgian Nic. Screenprinted by Max Harper.

Check out the True Vision Bandcamp CLICK HERE

Run: 200 on 4 colours: red, blue, yellow glitter and clear

*True Vision will have this demo coming out on Mind Rot Records in the States so for American and Canadian customers you may want to visit them instead for cheaper shipping! Cheers!

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