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America's Hardcore Compilation Volume 4 LP Praise Krimewatch Trapped Under Ice


"America's Hardcore" compilation returns for round four with 17 new and exclusive tracks from hardcore/punk/metal's best bands. Each band also designed and submitted their own pages for a 20-page, 12" x 12" insert booklet included with each record. LP includes digital download.

1. BIG CONTEST – The Leap
2. BROTHER – Colony
3. PRAISE – Return to Life
4. FREE AT LAST – Killing Stare
5. THE MIDNIGHT SONS – Pale Dahlia Flowers
6. LINE OF SIGHT – Obstruction
7. GAG – Taki Boombah
8. KRIMEWATCH – You Lose!
10. GLORY – The Time Is Now
11. MIL-SPEC – Time After Time
12. HARDWARE – Enough Is Enough
13. FREE – Darkness of Greed
14. PRIMAL RITE – Threat Level
15. TRUE LOVE – The Other Way
16. WORLD BE FREE – Touchy
17. PURE DISGUST – Agents of the Machine

Aqua Blue Vinyl

Listen to the record: AMERICA'S HARDCORE COMPILATION Volume 4 LP

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