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Bad Breeding have returned with a brand new EP - a
riotous, impassioned statement about the frustration of the
UK's marginalised majority - Abandonment. The Stevenagebred
anarcho punks have just signed to One Little Indian
Records for the release of their EP of the same name, the
Abandonment EP.

The band's affinity to label founder Derek Birkett's '80s
punk band Flux of Pink Indians made OLI a natural home
for the rising political punk band, as well as their now-labelmate
Crass' Penny Rimbaud.

Listen to the record: BAD BREEDING - ABANDONMENT EP 12"

If you want to pick up locally to us in London, UK, then click Papua New Guinea. If we currently don't ship to your country, don't worry, email us and we'll sort you out!