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Big Cheese 'Live on NWOBHC FM & Sports Day Demo' Cassette Tape UKHC NWOBHC

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Big Cheese have developed an unforgettable live game, recently having supported the likes of Harley Flanagan, Trapped Under Ice and Higher Power. Their unique brand of Icemen style late 80s NYHC has a ferocity and wildness that gets the pit moving, fronted by Razor-sharp charisma, making them one of the best live hardcore bands in Europe right now. This is captured on a live set for the first in a series of NWOBHC FM sessions, recorded by Tom Pimlott from Violent Reaction, in London. The set mixes up songs from their 2016 Sports Day Demo and 2017's Aggravated Mopery 7", followed by a 10 minute interview. Then on the B side you can find their Sports Day Demo in full, as the original band-made press was limited to only 50 copies, so if you missed out the first time, here is another chance to get the demo on a physical format. This adds up to a total of over 40minutes of Big Cheese glory on the tape.

Pressing Information
This is QCHQ-050
300 cheese yellow cassettes with colour printed stickers. Comes with a reversible black and white thick card sleeve, so you can choose to display either the 'NWOBHC FM' side or the 'Sports Day Demo' side.

Listen to the Radio Session here: Big Cheese on NWOBHC FM

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