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BOSS - STEEL BOX / I'M THE DOG (YOU'RE THE BALL) 7" Rixe Fucked Up Members

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“Steel Box” rides a nasty distorted slide guitar riff that adds a sleazy '70s rock feel to an irresistibly catchy chorus. “I’m the Dog (You’re the Ball)” picks up the pace and nods in a Motörhead-meets-street-punk direction, starting off with a teasing quick lick and ripping through an intense 2 minutes.

Comprised of R’n’R lifers Jonah Falco (Fucked up, Career Suicide) and Maxime Smadja (Rixe), Boss deliver a raw vision of real Rock and Roll in the early half of the 21st century. This wax has energy and an authority that warrants their name: BOSS. Believe it!

500 copies, first press.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Maxime Smadja at Chateau Vergogne, FRANCE.
Lyrics by Jonah Falco, music by Maxime Smadja
Extra guitar lead on "I'm The Dog" by Jonah Falco
Art by Charlotte Lobert and Maxime Smadja

Check out the 7" here BOSS - STEEL BOX / I'M THE DOG (YOU'RE THE BALL) 7"

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