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Death Wound Zine - Conspiracy Issue Feat. Axegrinder, Cosmic Void Dark Art


Death Wound Zine is back with an issue for all conspiracy theorists, politically minded, and illustration fans alike. The artwork is really something special.


- Dan Birdman interviews AXEGRINDER, for true crust warlords of nuclear wasteland.

- THREADS by Wm. C.: A sprawling essay on the many threads and webs of conspiracy, including 3 spreads of obsessively meticulous collage in true DWZ style!

-The Arrogance of Fools by Dr. Sleaze Hound: The doctor of all things filthy eradicates the tumour of climate change denial with his booze-soaked wit.

Colour cover by Joe Keinberger in a thick matte outer sleeve.

Featuring art by Cosmic Void Dark Art and PUTRID.

Comes packaged in a special 'evidence envelope' hand stamped.
Inside there is also an 11x17 pro printed poster on thick paper.

This is not a skimpy read and will be a proud jewel in your zine collection.