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EKULU - Unscrew My Head LP

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Ready to ship and we have all 3 colours in stock so get them quick!

EKULU has burst forth with their raging brand of high-energy music in the form of an unrelenting debut LP titled "Unscrew My Head". 9 tracks of hardcore-meets-thrash intensity that will make you want to jump off of something high.

1. Becoming/New Life Jam
2. Proven Wrong
3. Half Alive
4. Pick Your Fight
5. Who's In Control?
6. Unscrew My Head
7. Crossed
8. Wake Up
9. World Of Uncertainty (Sandman's Theme)

Pressing Info:
Black (out of 600)
Red Opaque (out of 300)
Clear/Blue Cloudy (out of 100)

Check out the LP on Bandcamp EKULU - Unscrew My Head LP