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Farce 'Demo' Cassette Tape UKHC


"FARCE understand and navigate the troughs and gutters scarred in to the landscape of hardcore punk. Lessons of brevity and pain which the haiku's of Stoke-on-Trent taught us 36 years ago, grafted on to the 57 seconds-or-so it takes to be forced into a vortex of hurdling speed and twisted mass. The sound of a putrid bark of hope in a world which was once decaying to its detriment, and is now revitalized to near extinction." Jonah Falco

Members of Obstruct, Shrapnel, Arms Race, Runt do 80s UKHC.

This is QCHQ-040

Stickered and stamped labels on black cassette with double sided risographed sleeve

Listen to the Demo here: Farce Demo Tape