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Game 'Who Will Play' Flexi 7" NWOBHC Punk



Sour metallic riffs touching on NWOBHM and Japanese ADK/Dogma back catalogue lineage, rumbling bass lines, thundering drums and gruff vocals sung in English and Polish produce a pastiche of influences from early hardcore punk's flirtatious relationship with what would become an even more extreme music alongside it. The New Wave of British Hardcore is at its zenith, now producing a soundscape in the context of London's strong sense of diversity despite being the seat of Tory power and surrounded by a firmly pro-Brexit countryside. Game is a confluence of ideas of four different cultures forcing themselves through the same prism - noise and velocity. Such is the cut and paste nature punk that we know and love.

Pressing Information:
This is QCHQ-046
300 black flexi with red foil stamp label
300 red flexi with black foil stamp label
>Comes with double sided full colour fold over sleeve in a poly bag
30 'March of Cowards' Edition red flexi with black foil stamp label, handmade cover by Nicky Rat and Jack Sabbat, lyrics insert and red LP promo card

Listen to the 7" here: Game 'Who Will Play' flexi 7"

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