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Give 'Electric Flower Cult' 12" Lockin' Out Records


GIVE's "Electric Flower Cult" 12"ep was recorded during the same sessions that bore the fruit of their last two releases: "Sonic Bloom" EP (Revelation Records) and the self-released "Electric Flower Circus" album. "Electric Flower Cult" delivers four as yet unheard songs into the GIVE repertoire as well as a newly mastered version of the song "Electric Flower Cult," each serving as part of an aggregate reminder of the snaking complexity and cathartic highs that GIVE has made their stock in trade for eight years running. The "Electric Flower Cult" 12"ep hereby signals the end of GIVE's "Electric Flower" cycle, but it undoubtedly reminds the listener of all the things that made it special.

Check out the MLP here Give 'Electric Flower Cult' 12"