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GRANULE / KLONNS - 'Discipline' split 7" Japanese Doom Metal Japanese Import


*Apologies in advance, some of this was translated using google*

Two hardcore punk bands from Japan push the envelope towards blackened doom metal and searingly noisy production. Check out the feedback and distortion drenched madness of both acts.

"Discipline is a word meaning discipline or discipline. Feeling that it is necessary to continue to rule himself in units of 1 minute or 1 second to survive the world where discrimination and incidents like shit is going on.

The other day, I watched "shoplifting family" at the time of assistance.

Different values โ€‹โ€‹of right and wrong such as what is right and what is not right depending on the living environment and personal relationships close to you.
Ignoring the modern society while living in the modern society "Tokyo", living in a unique sense of life Galapagos lifestyle. And that you can build a relationship of trust beyond your family with others who are not familiar with blood.

Many themes of interest to me came out.

On the way back I talked a lot with the user, "I thought about that scene" or "I understand the feeling". There is quite a habit in his way of speaking, so I ask you several times until I can catch it, and confirm that it is "That's it, right?"
It will take some time, but realizing the feeling that we want to understand properly and properly to enrich myself or opponents is necessary.

There is a time to be aware of the darkness inside of me. It is time to feel the fact that there are people who can not understand what it is. When I hold hatred, I feel that another hatred is directed to myself.

But the number of "experiences" surely knows to broaden the range of tolerance.
That is why we must keep on traveling.

'Always being yourself who is not anyone else in the world trying to make you like someone else, it means challenging the most toughest fight for human beings, do not give up battle.'

Now we are forced to continue fantasy and dancing in the "war" that cannot be seen in our eyes. The revolution without violence should start with trivial choices and decisions in individual life.

Dancing your own dance whatever you say to anyone. I want to continue my way of playing.

Discipline to share with people who are around me now, people who left, people who are about to meet, people who do not meet." HIKARI (Granule)

Granule side - Terroreye (Kaltbruching Acideath) and HIKARI (Granule)
KLONNS side - Satoshi (Solvent Cobalt/Isterismo) and Kawai (KLONNS)
Photo taken by Yoshikawa Chihiro

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Check out the 7" here GRANULE / KLONNS - 'Discipline' split 7"

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