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H.C.P. "Pozytywny stan świadomości 1989" LP Polish 80s Straight Edge Hardcore Legends Discography


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H.C.P. "Positive state of consciousness 1989" LP

A long-awaited and long-awaited release, which summarizes the formation of H.C.P. in operation 1988-1989. meaning Hard Core Poznań (Poznań being a city in Poland). It is also a document that expands the achievements of the new wave of hardcore bands in Poland in the late 1980s and at the same time developing a conscious independent scene of HC / Punk. H.C.P. was the first band of this wave, which managed to release a vinyl record, thanks to the Swiss label Resistance Productions. Recordings from this legendary single, "Anti Drugs", as well as songs originally released on split cassettes from Chaos and Apathy, are included on this album.

A total of 19 tracks of fast, furious Hardcore Punk (or as it was then called HC / Thrash) with texts on the issues during the period of the decline of communism in Poland, such as state violence, militarism, nuclear energy or the emergence of neo-fascism. The song "Young Fascists," referring to the latter problem, became the most well known in the band's output. For years it was performed by other bands of the Polish scene. This positive and progressive message of the band was also reflected in the straight edge attitude, and the band was one of the first in Poland associated with this trend.

Completion of the H.C.P. marked the beginning of another, significant chapter of the Polish scene for the next twenty-several years, which was the band Apatia. A 28-page booklet comes with the essays, an interview with all band members, memories of Pablo from Resistance Productions and a multitude of archival photos and flyers. The album is published in co-operation with Refuse Records and Warsaw Pact Records.

Check out a track 'Anti-Drugs' on YouTube here: H.C.P. "Anti-Drugs"

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