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Haiboku: Un Nuevo Poder 7"


2nd 7" from this band out of Mexico City. Members of Aborticidio, Crico

Review by Sorry State Records:
"Haiboku worships at the altar of late 80s Japanese hardcore: their first EP’s artwork is an homage to the underrated Half Years 7”, their name is Japanese, and you can even find a sick Gudon cover on their BandCamp site. More than just referencing this style, though, Haiboku nails it with a sound ripped straight from the early Selfish Records catalog, particularly bands like Gudon, Lip Cream, and Outo. Where there are guitar leads on every track, the music doesn’t have the epic Death Side influences of most bands that rep this style of Japanese hardcore. Instead, Haiboku trade in sloppy, fast drumbeats, gnarled vocals, and gang choruses. It sounds exactly like music like this should sound. If Haiboku was from a large Western metropolis, people would have hyped them to death by now, but I’ve heard no chatter about them. I’m hoping that changes, because this band deserves all the attention we can throw at them."

Listen to the 7" here: Haiboku: Un Nuevo Poder 7"