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MILK - Bricks 7" Japanese Press Japanese Hardcore


Killer new 7" from Nagoya's MILK! Description below care of Google Translate:

"The long-awaited new 3rd EP release in 2020, the long-awaited new 3rd EP release of the Nagoya PUNK band "MILK" that will captivate the people who saw and listened to it live! The first label release of the record shop AZ RECORDS !! The shocking hardcore punk that rushes into slapstick and high energy while creating a low-fidelity feeling with Sukasuka reminiscent of US HARDCORE, SKATE THRASH ~ PEGGIO PUNX in the early 80's !! Light And a sharp sound and a rhythm that rolls forward and runs away !! And a crisp and sharp vocal that throws at Angry !! Early DC HARDCORE ~ PEGGIO PUNX primitive and hot energy to the present day !! All 6 exciting high energy songs Recorded !! Silk screen sleeves, inserts, handmade labels, AZ RECORDS ~ One piece that feels the band's insistence !! The live performance, which is their true value, is highly evaluated, and the full volume until the day when you can rampage to your heart's content. Let's rampage in the room with your heart !!"

This is the Japanese press on A-Z Records

Listen to the 7" here: MILK - Bricks 7"