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MM & The Peculiars "Paean" 12"


New offering by musical tour de force Maegan Mills (Big Cheese, Rapture) and her cohorts. This brief but overflowing maxi single brings a wonderful sense of melody and urgency to music that wouldn't have been out of place on college radio and record stores across the US in the early 90s. Edging towards the early grooves of post rock a la Jesus Lizard, and the heavier swerves and dynamics of the Smashing Pumpkins. All the while, there is the artful and considerate vocal performance of MM herself, which channels early PJ Harvey, the emotion of Exene without the fading tuning, and if you can imagine it, maybe even an irate Mazzy Star. The three songs here sweep up and down going between JMP fueled thickets of impenetrable guitar, Carla Azar-esque drumming finesse, and Solid State bass density. - Jonah Falco

1A. Paean
1B. The Engine
2B. Form An Orderly Queue

Guitar/Vocals - Maegan Mills
Drums - Tom Hardwick
Bass - Jack Muncaster
Recorded, mixed & mastered by James Atkinson

Listen to the record: MM & The Peculiars "Paean" 12"

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