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Odd Man Out 'CCHC' 7" Seattle Straight Edge Hardcore Gag


Odd Man Out began in Olympia, WA in 2008 with the intention of demonstrating that the straight edge was very much alive in the small city. A demo was recorded to be distributed in secret to the local record shops Phantom City Records and Rainy Day. Fast forward to 2014 and the band has a lineup and tours to Mexico, the east coast and the west coast under their belts with bands like Protester, Power, Angel Du$t, Gag and Big Bite as well as a self released demo cassette, self titled 7" and CCHC EP. Determined to preserve the anonymity of the band Odd Man Out credits themselves as simply, 'the straight edge', often shares edge members with other bands to complete a lineup and makes releases on their own or through independent labels run by friends such as WarthogSpeak, Pop Wig and UXO. Capital City Hardcore, is a testament to the bands fierce attitude toward hardcore and the straight edge; six songs focused on ferocity and the more extreme side of hardcore.

This is a new edition fresh off the press by UXO records on red vinyl after the first press sold out, so if you haven't snapped this up yet here is another chance.

Odd Man Out will be coming soon to the UK and playing Outbreak Fest in Leeds.

Listen to the 7" here: Odd Man Out 'CCHC' 7"

If you want to pick up locally to us in London, UK, then click Papua New Guinea. If we currently don't ship to your country, don't worry, email us and we'll sort you out!