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Porvenir Oscuro - Self Titled EP


Debut vinyl from this Spanish style punk band from NYC.

"Debut 7” from this punk band that has been kicking around New York for a minute; they released a demo last year and now they transition to wax. While Porvenir Oscuro are from New York, they remind me a lot more of a lot of Texas bands than the sound I associate with New York punk (and Toxic State-affiliated bands in particular). Like bands such as Vaaska and Criaturas, there’s a lot of classic punk lurking deep within Porvenir Oscuro’s raw punk aesthetic. The sound of the guitar and drums are indebted to Discharge, but they build songs around straightforward verse/chorus/verse structures more akin to what you’d find in UK82 punk like Vice Squad, albeit with melodies and riffing that are both more sophisticated than that comparison would seem to indicate. I also hear the propulsive but still poppy hardcore of Finnish bands like Appendix or Lama in PO’s sound, and as a sucker for punk that balances rawness and rage with structure and composition I can’t help but fall for this EP. If your tastes run in a similar direction, I don’t think you can go wrong with this record." Sorry State Records

Check out the 7" here Porvenir Oscuro - Self Titled EP

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