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Shining Life / Chiller than Most / Up Against the Wall Hardcore Zines - How to order PLEASE READ


Zines used to be the lifeblood of the hardcore punk community but are now a dying artform. However, QCHQ started as a zine and we are still all about them, and want to support those who do them. Therefore, we have a selection of Shining Life Zines from DC and Chiller than Most Zines from Hungary.

Due to variable Paypal fees and how all of these are different weights we are only shipping these within the UK and upon request everywhere else. You can also buy them face to face at shows - they are cheaper if you buy them this way also. AND email us qualitycontrolhq@gmail.com to have them added to your parcel, or if you want to buy a bunch, or you want us to pass these onto a friend who's visiting London - Again they will be cheaper through this method. Prices and selection below:

Shining Life Zines in DC. A new venture from the people that brought you Mosher's Delight Records and the band Give! Awesome series on '5 records that inspired you', 'Lyric Explanations' etc. Totally awesome content that gets under the skin of current hardcore in the USA. Proper journalism! Nice.

'Lyric Explanation' Series. £2.50 each
1. SLP-15: VERBAL ASSAULT A conversation with Christopher Jones. LAST ONE
A conversation with Christopher Jones conducted in March 2018 about the lyrical inspiration and meaning for all Verbal Assault songs. Also includes an introduction by Ian Mackaye detailing his memories recording the band for the "Learn" 12". Photography by Dan Wilkins, JJ Gonson, Chris Gorman, Nick Mcintosh, and Unknown. 12 pages. ANSI Letter 8.5" x 11"

2. SLP-010 ECOSTRIKE Interview with Lennon Livesay LAST ONE
An interview with Lennon Livesay including 5 records that influence "Voice of Strength" as well as a lyrical analysis for each song. Conducted Feb 2018. Photography by Kiabad Meza, Angela Owens, and Jeff Lasich. 8 pages
ANSI Letter 8.5" x 11"

Other: £2.50 each
1. SLP-2 LINE OF SIGHT Interview. An interview with Austin Stemper conducted January 2018. Photography by Angela Owens, Farrah Skeiky, Todd Pollock, and Jeff Lasich. 8 pages. ANSI Letter 8.5" x 11"

2. SLP-4 DIZTORT The Zine. Document of the 2017/2018 winter tour including Interviews with every member of the band and a tour story by roadie Morgan. Photography by Katherine Pilar, Dan Felix, Todd Pollock, Angela Owens, Farrah Skeiky, and Jacob McClain
Artwork by Augie. 16 pages. ANSI Letter 8.5" x 11"

Interview series: 70p each, £1.75 for all three
1. SLP-6 SECONDSIGHT Interview: An interview with Luke Fernandez January 2018. SOUTH FLORIDA HARDCORE. Photography by Meline Gharibyan. 2 pages. ANSI Letter 8.5" x 11"

2. EXCEPT Interview with Justin Little. An interview with Justin Little conducted in March 2018. ATLANTA, GEORGIA HARDCORE. Photography by Zack Rogers and Tyler Brown. 2 pages. ANSI Letter 8.5" x 11"

3. SLP-014: ILLUSION Interview with Alex Samayoa. An interview with Alex Samayoa conducted in March 2018. NEW YORK HARDCORE. Members of Fury. Photography by Angela Owens. 2 pages. ANSI Letter 8.5" x 11"

'5 records with...' series: £70p each, £2.25 for all 4
1. OMEGAS 5 records with Spoiler
Spoiler provides and explains 5 records that serve as inspiration for the "Blasts of Lunacy" LP. Conducted in 2012. Photography by Angela Owens. 1 page. ANSI Letter 8.5" x 11"

2. MAMMOTH GRINDER 5 Records with Chris Ulsh (also of Power Trip)
Chris Ulsh provides and explains 5 records that influence himself and the "Underworlds" LP. Conducted in 2013. Photography by Angela Owens. 1 page. ANSI Letter 8.5" x 11"

3. NO TOLERANCE 5 Records with Chris Corry
Chris Corry provides and explains 5 records that serve as the inspiration for himself and the "No Remorse, No Tolerance" EP. Photography by Angela Owens. Conducted in 2013. 1 page. ANSI Letter 8.5" x 11"

4. PROTESTER 5 Records with Conner Donegan
Connor Donegan provides and explains 5 records that serve as the inspiration for himself and the upcoming 12" LP on New Absolute Records. Photography by Angela Owens. Conducted Feb 2018. Protester logo by Augie. 1 page. ANSI Letter 8.5" x 11"

Chiller Than Most Zines from Hungary by Attila Mehesz. Basically same level of in depth analysis and knowledge as Shining Life but from the other side of the planet. Expect a wide variety of characters being interviewed from around the world and cool insights into classic HC. £3.25 each

- An in-depth analysis of the history of Agnostic Front, interview with Spoiler (Stigmatism, Omegas, Justice, United Stance etc.).
- Interviews with Unified Right, Outburst, Freedom, Hypocrite, Big Cheese, Meline Gharibyan, Motor City Madness.
Cut'n'paste fanzine, A4 size, 28 pages.
Cover art by Chun One.

2. CHILLER THAN MOST #3. (we found these in a box when re-arranging our office, LONG SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE!)
-Featuring interviews and articles with Jeremy Stith (Fury), Adam Rifkin (Stick Together, War Hungry), Freddy Alva (New Breed compilation), Connor Donegan (Protester), Connor Hehir (Shrapnel)
- A discussion with Ned Russin on Youth of Today

Up Against the Wall Zine by Emelie Norenheim
No.1 £3.50
New Swedish Zine with Interviews with Night Force, Total Reality, Protester, Glue, Domain, Enemies and Existence
Thick as fuck, A4, lovely print job, great layouts. See pic!