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Skeleton: S/T 7" Texas Hardcore


Brand new 7" from Austin, Texas', SKELETON. 5 tracks of heavy hardcore punk!

"After a couple of earlier flexis, here’s the debut hard vinyl from Austin, Texas’s Skeleton. It’s funny, maybe I’m out of the loop but I haven’t heard a lot of talk about this band even though they seem to tour heavily… they’ve been through Raleigh twice in the past year even though they live 2,000 miles away. It’s all the more baffling given that their brand of hardcore is raw, direct, and delightfully free of posing and pretense. With most hardcore bands nowadays I can tell more or less what they’re going for and where they’re coming from, but Skeleton sound totally unique, like they’re making things up from scratch as they go along rather than piecing together ideas from their influences. Consequently, this is about as authentic-sounding as you’re going to hear an early 80s-style hardcore band sound in the year 2018… it could seriously be dropped right into the early catalog of labels like Touch & Go, Dischord, or Version Sound, even if it would have been one of the darker and weirder records on those labels. It definitely has some of the Nihilism of bands like Blight, Crucial T, the Nihilistics, or even No Trend. I could also see fans of the more straightforward releases on the Youth Attack label being into this, though it’s perhaps even more straightforward and less art-y than Cult Ritual or the Repos. At any rate, if you like your hardcore mean, dark, and authentically 80s sounding I would highly recommend checking this one out." Sorry State Records

Listen to the 7" here Skeleton: S/T 7"

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