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The Flex 'Flexual Healing Vol. 7 Perhaps the war is over? Perhaps it's peace?' Cassette Promo NWOBHC

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The Flex are BACK! These UKHC legends bring you their signature blend of early 80s UK punk and late 80s NYHC in time for their East Coast USA tour with Arms Race. Thundering 'Inferno' goes straight for the jugular with a wall-of-noise beating, swiftly followed up with the ever so catchy and funked up 'Soma Holiday'.  Meanwhile 'Flex 4' is a moody rumbler, with quieter bass and drum led sections, powerful vocals that seem to have been recorded from the top of a mountain, and turbo charged speed change. The new songs will feature on an upcoming LP, and this recording also includes a cover of Gut Instinct's 'Disturbing the Peace' from their 1990 EP, representing Baltimore HC!

The title of this edition of Flexual Healing comes from the last ever scene on British comedy show Blackadder 'Goes Forth' series, set in World War I. This is visually alluded to with the devilish character in the artwork, by Tin Tin Savage, wearing a hat similar to those worn by the German army at the time.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Tom Pimlott in Leeds, March 10th 2018

Listen to 'Perhaps the war is over? Perhaps it's peace?' here: The Flex 'Flexual Healing Vol.7' Cassette Promo Tape

Pressing Information
This is QCHQ-051
300 jelly red cassettes with colour printed stickers.
Comes with a pro printed card sleeve

North Americans! Painkiller Records have released the USA version of this tape so get it from them if you want to save on shipping.

Picture used in the background is by the fabulous Angela Owens

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