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Unjust 'Transparency' 7" UKHC NWOBHC


Manchester Hardcore unit Unjust release their debut 7" 'Transparency', ramping up the ferocity factor since their demo, channelling Brotherhood and Confront vibes with plenty of pit friendly mid tempo beats in between blasting verses. Members of Insist rage unapologetically about the straight edge, with the kind of bold call to action lyrics that make you get up in the morning with a positive spring in your step ready to take on this sick sad world. The speed of Unjust's songs is what sets it apart from the genre, with songs such as 'False' containing drum rolls and blasts for days, and song writing that harkens back to some of the initial waves of hardcore punk in '82 and '85.

Pressing Information:
The 7" comes with a black and white 5 panel fold out x-shaped card sleeve, double sided.
This is QCHQ-036
100 - limited edition blue vinyl
500 - black vinyl

Listen to the 7" here: Unjust 'Transparency' 7"

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