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Up Against the Wall Hardcore Zine - How to order PLEASE READ


Due to variable Paypal fees and how all of these are different weights we are only shipping these within the UK and upon request everywhere else. You can also buy them face to face at shows - they are cheaper if you buy them this way also.

If you are living outside of the UK email us at qualitycontrolhq@gmail.com to have them added to your parcel, if you want to buy a bunch, or you want us to pass these onto a friend who's visiting London - Again they will be cheaper through this method.

Knowledge Queen Emelie Nordheim smashes out her first zine full of interviews of the best Euro and US hardcore around. Check it out!

New Swedish Zine with Interviews with Night Force, Total Reality, Protester, Glue, Domain, Enemies and Existence
Thick as fuck, A4, lovely print job, great layouts. See pic!