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Vile Spirit 'Demo' Cassette Tape

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Brighton in the UK, spiritual home of the Mods in the 60s, has exploded with hardcore punk energy and talent in the past two years, as a new generation of punks have started a multitude of bands championing a wide diversity of sounds. Part of this new squad is Vile Spirit, an apt name for a band who’s vocalist Ben is known for temporary possession with wild and unpredictable performances and a truly terrifying voice. A hardcore punk scene is only as good as it’s drummers in our humble opinion, and Joe’s precise and powerful thumping forms the solid backbone for Tallulah’s innovative guitar work best seen in the song L.O.S. Elements of early UK goth punk can also be heard whilst as a whole fans of United Mutation can rejoice!

Check out the Demo on Bandcamp Vile Spirit 'Demo' Cassette Tape