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QCHQ Releases

QCHQ-000 Stab Demo 2011
QCHQ-001 Crazy Spirit Demo 12" 2011
QCHQ-002 Death Evocation s/t 7” 2011
QCHQ-003 Stab Stab Nation Rising 7” 2011
QCHQ-004 Violent Reaction s/t 7" 2012 split with Static Shock Records
QCHQ-005 No Tolerance Discography 12” 2012
QCHQ-006 Shame Wasted Time Demo 7" 2012
QCHQ-007 Violent Reaction City Streets LP 2013
QCHQ-008 Stab Blindness And Lies 7” 2013
QCHQ-009 Detergents No Salvation 7" 2014
QCHQ-010 Arms Race Demo 2013 Cassette 2013
QCHQ-011 Crown Court Trouble From London Demo Cassette 2014
QCHQ-012 Mob Rules Nothing Left LP 2014
QCHC-013 Violent Reaction Dead End 7” 2014
QCHQ-014 Mankind s/t 7" 2014
QCHQ-015 Arms Race 'Gotta Get Out' 7" 2014
QCHQ-016 Shrapnel 'Frenzied State' 7" 2014
QCHQ-017 Slur Demo tape 2015
QCHQ-018 Rival Mob 'Hardcore for Hardcore' reissue 12" 2015
QCHQ-019 No Tolerance 'You Walk Alone' LP 2015
QCHQ-020 Arms Race 'New Nonsense' 2015 tape 2015
QCHQ-021 Bad Manifest 7" 2016
QCHQ-022 True Vision Demo tape 2015
QCHQ-023 Regiment Demo tape 2016
QCHQ-024 Pure Disgust 'Chained' 7" split release w/Katorga Works 2015
QCHQ-025 Culprit Demo tape 2016
QCHQ-027 Payday 'Beyond Your Bond' Demo tape 2016
QCHQ-028 True Vision 'Against the Grain' 7" 2016
QCHQ-029 Night Force 'S/T' 7" 2017
QCHQ-030 Foreseen 'Power Intoxication b/c Dying Spirit' 7" 2017
QCHQ-031 True Vision 'Promo' tape 2016
QCHQ-032 Tetro Pugnale Demo 2016
QCHQ-033 Rapture Demo 2016
QCHQ-034 Berserk Demo 2016
QCHQ-035 Declaration 'Demo' 2017
QCHQ-036 Unjust 'Transparency' 7"
QCHQ-037 Tetro Pugnale Promo Tape
QCHQ-038 Rapture 'I Glorify' 7"
QCHQ-039 Stand Point Demo
QCHQ-040 Farce Demo

QCHQ-041 Stages in Faith 7"
QCHQ-042 Big Cheese 7"
QCHQ-043 Vile Spirit Demo Cassette
QCHQ-044 Fury Promo 2017 Cassette
QCHQ-045 Imposter Demo Cassette
QCHQ-046 Game Demo Flexi

QCHQ-047 Payday 'Second to None' Promo Cassette Tape

QCHQ-048 Blind Authority 'Death Dreams' Promo Tour Cassette

QCHQ-050 Big Cheese 'Live on NWOBHC FM & Sports Day Demo' Cassette Tape

QCHQ-051 The Flex 'Flexual Healing Vol.7' Cassette Tape


QCHQ-049 Existence 'Into the Furnace' 7"